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Big Girls Playing Dress-Up

There’s no denying it.  It’s a fact.  I love to shop.  P.S.  I’m a girl.  Hello?

And, it’s also a fact.  I don’t always need to buy.  Sometimes I just like to…look.  That’s crazy, right?  You see, for me, the whole shopping experience isn’t always about buying (aka spending money).  Sometimes for me the shopping experience is simply about the “stroll”, the “discovery”, and about just being in the same room with all the beautiful clothes, or fine furniture, or jewelry, or kitchen gadgets, or whatever store I’m strolling through.  I just happen to love the whole shopping experience.   

Be that as it may, don’t get me wrong!  I truly L-O-V-E to shop for great clothes, most especially.  Let’s call it “playing dress-up”.  But, aren’t all girls playing dress-up?  Clothes shopping is just, after all, one big dress-up.

Something that makes me giggle is that when I’m shopping for clothes I always make it a point to stop and look around the store to check out the expressions on all the other shoppers.  It just cracks me up how every woman there looks so serious.  Why?  Because they’re taking their shopping very seriously.  But, they’re not actually feeling serious.  They’re actually having the time of their lives.  They’re in the zone!!  They’re just big girls playing…what?  That’s right, dress-up!  

And, when you realize this then it makes so much more sense why women love to shop.  Because grown women are just big little girls playing dress-up.  

There you have it, and you heard it (well, read it, actually) here first.

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2 years ago

I shop therefore I am !
I would love to come down and get a hot weather wardrobe for my exotic travel!!

2 years ago

So…. how different is it now.. with so many doing their shopping online …. you can shop in your pj’s… that’s a plus for me .. but sizes ? Too often the size guides, well, are not terribly accurate.. but then I am not the veteran shopper you are Lifestyles with Lauren!

2 years ago

I have to admit unlike most guys I know I enjoy shopping! For me like Life Styles With Lauren it’s more the experience than the buy. Before the pandemic you could often find me at the mall, in a store just browsing or shopping. And very often while walking through the jewelry, shoes or some other clothing department if I saw a woman trying on a particular article I’d almost always let her know how great I thought she looked! After all I’m a sucker for a beautiful well dressed woman. What guy wouldn’t be!