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Vintage Crystal Chandeliers

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If you’re anything like I am, the look, the feel, the entire ambiance of a room, as it’s designed, has an effect on me. I find that I’m sensitive to the way rooms are laid out and designed, as well as the selections made by the owners of homes (or even commercial spaces).

That said, every time – every single time – no matter the look of the room, if there’s a vintage crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling then that will be the first thing I’ll see and focus on.  That one item will have a remarkable effect on me.  

For some reason I find fine vintage crystal chandeliers spellbinding and mesmerizing. Perhaps it’s the romance, the charm of it all, that at one time this enchanting period piece could have hung in a dining room in an estate far away in another land.  My thoughts always carry me away to another time and another place…

Historically, crystal chandeliers were to be hung only in the dining room or a great hall of affluent homeowners, and their captivating presence alluded to a style of life.  Today, a vintage crystal chandelier can be found in just about any household, and also in just about any room.  Homeowners are freely hanging them in their entryways, in their master bathrooms, in their master closets, in their powder rooms, in their home offices, and my personal favorite – in their kitchens!  Seriously, if you have an opportunity to hang a vintage crystal chandelier over your center island, I would like to encourage you to do so.  Trust me, you won’t regret it!  Especially if you’re wanting to create some drama.  A vintage crystal chandelier will absolutely create the dramatic effect you’re going for!

No matter if your home is sleek and modern, minimal, traditional, transitional, or even country-cozy, a vintage crystal chandelier will add historical significance and allure to your home, therefore completing the look of any room you hang it in.  Even in your dining room!