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Classic Luxury Electric Cars?

I’m a “car girl”.  But, not just any car, you see.  I’m a girl who loves and appreciates the beauty and elegance of some of the most beautiful cars in the world, both past and present.  An automobile for me isn’t just a means to an end – to get us from Point A to Point B.  Rather, for me, it’s an aesthetic and lifestyle.  That said, how about this spin on fine automobiles: classic luxury electric cars!

I recently came across a 2019 article written by Brett Berk for Architectural Digest magazine about Lunaz, a British private enterprise that is singlehandedly (as far as I can tell) transforming the motor car industry by restoring and modifying existing historic cars from gasoline dependent to electric power!  Sure, it’s common to see electric or hybrid modern cars on the road.  But, how often have you driven alongside (or in, for that matter) a vintage Jaguar or Bentley or Rolls-Royce that’s been restored and converted for not only modern-day but also to be sustainable?  My guess is you probably have not.

The Lunaz website further explains that they “integrate latest technologies with no compromise to classic design aesthetics”, and how their gas-to-electric conversions “benefits from power-steering, uprated brakes and suspension, air conditioning and latest infotainment technology including Apple Car Play.”  

I can see myself driving around town in my highly-polished, beautifully restored and relevant-to-the-world-we-live-in-today vintage motorcar.  Most especially if it’s my main mode of transportation.  That would be for me the ultimate living-the-dream scenario – and such a desire for this girl. 

Can you even imagine?  I absolutely can imagine!