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The Wonderful World of Hunt Slonem

Photo Credit: Brandon Schulman

It was a privilege and quite an honor to interview on Lifestyles With Lauren one of my most-favorite-in the-world painters, Hunt Slonem, from his Brooklyn art studio loft.  Back in the day when I was publicist for Vanier Galleries in Scottsdale, Hunt was one of our most celebrated artists, so in essence I rep’d Hunt, and that’s how we met.

Hunt is known mostly for his fantastical, gestural, repetitious, and highly colorful paintings of butterflies, bunnies, and tropical birds – as well as varied Abe Lincoln portraits. What makes his work especially appealing for me is that the repetition of these characters are, in a sense, meditative. And as it turns out, the repetition is intentional for Hunt as it’s “a form of worship, a mantra, a meditation.” 

Former Vanier Galleries gallery director, Jerre Lynn Vanier (now president and founder of Art Salon Society) told me, “The exotic and magical world of Hunt Slonem, with his unique subjects, entice and mesmerize his audience. Through meditation, repetition, and his luscious use of paint, Hunt achieves a mantra-like sense of oneness with the universe as he creates each canvas.”

Here, Hunt discusses his distinctive method of painting “fresco style”.

It’s a beautiful thing for an artist who can paint for themselves.  As a painter myself, I can tell you that to paint for yourself is a freeing experience, to say the least.  I love how Hunt responded to my question if he paints for himself, or if he paints to please someone.

What I may love most about Hunt’s paintings is that they elicit a childlike response in me.  As a matter of fact, both adults and children respond to his work this same way.  Check out his vast studio space!  Don’t miss his birds on the settee from his new fabric line!  Can you see that upholstery fabric used in a nursery?  I certainly can!

Hunt likes to surround himself with “stuff and living things” around him, such as birds, fish, turtles, as well as growing orchids.  Here’s a view into his bird sanctuary.

Hunt has a strong spiritual connection. Here he discusses how repetition for him aligns with taking the opportunity to repeat the name of God, and therefore becoming “one with it”.

For more information on Hunt Slonem visit his website here.

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2 years ago

Great to get to meet the artist and get a deeper understanding on what he’s about. Love his work!

2 years ago

Fascinating… love learning about artists and their art. You put together a great way to do this here . Many thanks .

Gail Perry
Gail Perry
2 years ago

Whoa! The repetition is meditative. Hadn’t thought of it that way. The 12 botanical prints you helped me select for my great room are just that-soothing.