Lifestyles With Lauren


The Fabulous Alan Anderson

Late last year I had a great time interviewing for Lifestyles With Lauren the tremendously talented jewelry designer, Alan Anderson from his studio in Toronto, Canada.

Alan is one of my most favorite jewelry designers ever – like ever.  His artistry is poetry to me.  His jewelry inspires me, and I feel elevated when I wear his creations.  What I appreciate most about Alan’s designs is the fearlessness and audacity he has to create such elegant, one-of-a-kind treasures. 

Forget “less is more”, because with Alan, “more is more” – and sometimes more is just, well, better! Alan, the artist, paints himself with words when he says, “I’m a self-professed “maximalist living in a minimal world”! See now, I totally get that, and perhaps why his handmade statement pieces speak to me as they do.

Think back to a time when movie stars were as glamorous as royalty.  Now refashion that to today’s woman.  She’s an exciting, confident woman who wants to stand out and, God forbid, not blend in.

But how, you ask, do we wear this kind of jewelry?  Should we save it for the ball?  Hardly, my darlings!  I like to team my Alan Anderson jewelry with torn jeans and heels!  Because there are no rules!

Hands down my most favorite piece is Alan’s “cab hailer”.  It’s so…fabulous, what can I say?  I just love how the name came to be.  Check it out…

Alan discovered that Elizabeth Taylor was a collector of his jewelry line when a bracelet of his was slated to be included in Christie’s 4th of 7 catalogs of Miss Taylor’s items up for auction.  In addition, Katy Perry, wore his broach on the cover of Italian Vogue, and one of his necklaces in her fragrance video when she was dressed as Marie Antoinette.  Other celebs include Drew Barrymore, Viola Davis, Rose Byrne, and Blake Lively.

For more information on Alan Anderson visit his website here.